Feixel Music is a German music production company responsible for creating compositions and productions of music for advertising, musicals and movie soundtracks worldwide. Our music can be found in national and international television adverts, cinema adverts and radio commercials by companies including ʻMercedesʼ, ʻOpelʼ, ʻLufthansaʼ, ʻNew Yorkerʼ, ʻJoey’s Pizzaʼ and ʻDie Weltʼ.

We also work as songwriters and producers of Pop Music, collaborating with major labels such as Universal, Warner, Sony, Armada, Ultra and many others.

We place special emphasis on authenticity, innovation and reliability. We deliver fast results, perfectly tailored to the customerʼs needs and requirements, always flavoured with our distinctive signature of emotion and artistic merit.